A 3d rendering of a monolith floating above a grassy field.
Illustration by the author

THE UTAH MONOLITH stood at 38°20'35.18" North, 109°39'58.32" West in Red Rock Country, Utah, on a piece of flat ground between two diverging rock faces. …

A curved plane is drawn on a stylised, 3d coordinate system.

Here are some notes about an idea I’ve been calling Continuous Typography for the sake of thinking about it. It’s a way of thinking about typography in terms of continuous functions, rather than absolute values.

Functions (you’ll recall from your maths textbook) produce different results based on one or more…

The degree show is a staple of art school life in Britain and the United States. Held at the end of the summer term, they’re a an opportunity for graduates to develop their work in a high-stakes exhibition environment, celebrate the time spent together, and speak to a wider public…

Cropped version of an image originally published in The Mail Online with the caption: Thousands of Britons ignored repeated warnings to stay home as part of ongoing efforts to clamp down on coronavirus by heading to DIY stores, parks and beaches on Sunday.

In late March, some weeks into the pandemic, a new genre of local news story emerged: Local park Crowded with People Despite Social Distancing Orders. …

I’m in the final year of a design degree, and one of my final projects is to answer a competition brief. It sounds good in principle — work on a project set by a real company and get some exposure if your work is good.

Let’s look at some of…


  • 3mm Acrylic (About £16 for an A2 sheet)
  • 18mm MDF board (about £7)
  • 3mm Greyboard for padding (about £2)
  • PVA (about £5)
  • Pencil, Masking tape, metal ruler


  • Laser Cutter
  • Bandsaw (Alternatively an electric Jigsaw)
  • Illustrator CC

Drawing the Typeface

I assume at this point you have either drawn or picked out the typeface…

Max Kohler

May I interest you in some panopticon?

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